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  "Convert On Arrival"
- turning web traffic into revenue
To turn web traffic into revenue, we have developed our unique three-step, Convert on arrival™ methodology. This recognises that being visible to search engines is essential but being visible to the right people is more important. It also recognises that if you don’t convert searchers when they arrive, you may lose them forever.
The WRS Convert three steps to effective web conversions are:
  1. Index Me – where we make sure that all your pages are visible to the key search engines and feature high on the rankings for the most important generic search terms for your business
  2. Find Me – where we enable all your target audiences - in whichever web channel they may be found, (search engines, social media, forums, video etc..) - to find you based on the more complex way human beings enter web searches and through the connections they make online
  3. Convert Me – where we ensure that you have the capability to Convert on Arrival™ once a web searcher has found you. The ‘Convert Me’ stage is the most critical point within any web campaign, it is where traffic (for this read cost) converts into revenues and profits by ensuring that your web presence is optimised to satisfy their search without forcing them through a complex navigation on your website.

Immediate impact – sustained value

Because the web is an ever-changing environment, our Convert on Arrival™ methodology delivers value across three timeframes:

  • Immediate – the first 12 weeks of activity designed to deliver essential enhancements to your web presence to make it more visible to search engines and people alike 
  • Short/medium term  - the next 6 months of activity designed to enhance the content of your web presence to move it into full Convert on Arrival™ capability
  • Sustained  - continuous activity to sustain the ability to deliver revenue and profit. The changing shape of the web means that you have to fight for the attention of target customers. Our service is designed to keep your web presence in the optimum condition to turn searchers into profit.
So if you want to see the immediate value we can deliver to your business ask for your free six point analysis report today.