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– capitalising on the three degrees of SERC
At WRS Convert, we have the proven ability to identify and generate relevant traffic from a range of on-line environments. These include social networking sites, blogs and price comparison and voucher sites. In fact,generating high quality, targeted, online sales or marketing leads is very much at the heart of what we do each and every day. Nielsen research shows that the two most trusted sources of information about you are offline word of mouth (90%) and consumer content posted online (70%). As a result our service reaches well beyond the Internet to wherever your target customers interact online.
If we are all connected to everyone else in the world by just six degrees of separation, then your potential customers are connected to the people they trust by just three degrees of separation. We make this natural connectivity work for you. Whether this is Facebook, a web forum or YouTube, we recognise that you need to make the three degrees of online separation work for you by converting web visits into revenue and profit.
We have developed a unique service called the Social Media Matrix™ to capitalise on this trusted source of business. This is designed to establish leadership for you in your market; help you to become a trusted ‘friend’ within the social community of your target customers and, drive targeted, interested parties back to your web presence.
So if you want to increase the leads generated from your online presence, ask for your free six point analysis report today.