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'I can certainly and strongly recommend a day of Martyn’s consultation.'
John H Walsh, Managing Director, www.bebc.co.uk
'We contacted WRS Convert with a view to discussing how to increase conversion, the possible revamp or redesign of our website and its e-commerce functionality. I cannot stress too much how helpful Martyn Hope was in both an initial phone call (which lasted half an hour!) and in a subsequent day’s consultancy meeting. Martyn was able to outline and explain so much from the way in which website visitors both find and read websites to the benefits and dangers of redesign. Unusually in my experience, he was able to combine technical expertise with creative ideas and his comments were clear, helpful and most informative.'
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Over our 8 years in Digital Marketing we have often been asked to use our Consulting skills in helping a client to determine what is going wrong and where. It could be many different elements:
  • your website is preventing conversion
  • your SEO is not performing whether it be in-house or via a partner
  • your paid search is not performing or cost effective
  • your Social Media approach just isn't delivering what you expected
  • there is a lack of cohesion between your digital marketing mix
..whatever the underlying issue WRSconvert Consulting Services can help you in determining the cause and also delivering a Resolution Action Plan that will enable you to resolve, recover and move forward as we have for many of our clients both large and small.
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