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  Exploit Social Media
– turning social media into social commerce
WRSConvert has developed a unique service called the Social Media Matrix™ to capitalise on the three degrees of separation in the online world. It recognises that the information people share with each other online is more trusted than anything a brand produces for itself. 

Our Social Media Matrix™ is designed to:
·         Establish leadership for you in your market
·         Help you to become a trusted ‘friend’ within the social community of your target customers
·         Drive targeted, interested parties back to your web presence
·         Generate revenue and profit

But before we can start to increase your website traffic, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your online presence using our sophisticated search engine optimization and statistical analytical tools. This will help shape a key search word strategy as the foundation of our Index Me service. We then apply lateral thinking to ensure that our Find Me and Convert Me services connect you with the right customers via all the online channels they use.

Once we’ve started to generate high quality, targeted, online sales and marketing leads for you, we then need to address how best we convert these leads into enquiries, purchases or whatever your end objective is. That’s the next step of the journey

So if you want to increase the leads generated from your online presence, ask for your free six point analysis report today.